Preliminary program NCL2024

Flyer with program and information (pdf).

September  23th, Royal Academy of Sciences (Kungl. Vetenskapsakademien, link to Google maps), Stockholm

09:00WelcomeKarolina Broman, Umeå University
Jenny Olander, Stockholm University
Agnes Rinaldo-Matthis, Swedish Chemical Society
09:15Shining light on the hydrogen bondJan Lundell, University of Jyväskylä
09:45Green Transition of Swedish metal industriesIda Heinz, Swerim
10:15Teacher presentations
10:30Coffee & Posters
11:00 Promoting Science for Life Through Chemistry EducationMiia Rannikmäe, University of Tartu
11:30Green Chemistry Education – A teaching unit on organic synthesis with focus on green chemistrySvein Tveit, University of Oslo
12:00Lunch & Posters
14:00Laboratory educationHendra Y. Augustian, University of Copenhagen
14:30Digital chemistry education, from learning material to teaching methods to improve students’ learningKarolina Broman, Umeå University
15:00Coffee & Posters
15:30The selection of a Nobel Prize LaureatePeter Brzezinski, the Nobel Committee for Chemistry
16:30Walk-and-talk in groups
17:30Conference dinner

September  24th, the House of Science (Vetenskapens hus, link to Google maps)

08:301. Teacher session2. Titration with a greener indicator3. STEM education4. ChatGPT
09:305. Teacher session6. the VASA ship7. GSC practicals8. Chemical Safety
11:009. Teacher session10. Explosives4. ChatGPT11. YouTuber
13:3012. Teacher session13. Cold pack
14:30-15:00Concluding Session


  1. Teacher session, to be announced
  2. Determination of chloride in seawater with micro-scale precipitation titration with a greener indicator, Svein Tveit, Oslo University
  3. STEM education for the future, round table discussion moderated by Jan Lundell, University of Jyväskylä
  4. How can ChatGPT and similar generic AI tools be used in chemistry education? National and international perspectives, Karolina Broman, Umeå University.
  5. Teacher session, to be announced
  6. Analytical Chemistry and the VASA ship, Marie Danielsson, Vetenskapens hus
  7. Green and Sustainable Chemistry (GSC) Practical Activities – similarities and differences in the Nordic countries’ education with input from a current IUPAC survey, Jonas Niemann, University of Copenhagen, Jenny Olander, Stockholm University and …
  8. Chemical Safety in Science Education – Educational Resources,, Jenny Olander and Svein Tveit
  9. Teacher session, to be announced
  10. Explosives in School Chemistry – how can they be handled safely, Cecilia Stenberg, Stockholm University
  11. Learning and Teaching Chemistry on YouTube – insights from a Chemistry YouTuber, Jonas Niemann, University of Copenhagen
  12. Teacher session, to be announced
  13. “The cold pack” – try out a practical task about thermochemistry for formative assessment, Jenny Olander, Stockholm University